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Illegibilus: Arisu Ashworth by Yui-Desu Illegibilus: Arisu Ashworth by Yui-Desu
For the rp group :iconillegibilus: ~

Update: 26.2
4.3 (changed the drawing :iconpapmingplz: )

Name: Arisu (Alice)  Ashworth

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 160 cm (5'2 feet)

Weight : 48 kg

Birthday: April 16

Nationality: Japanese-American

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 5th

Blood type: Pure blood

Voice: Mashiro Shiina from 'The Pet Girl of Sakurasou'.


1 Galleon by row           Valentine's Day 2014 Badge by row

 Tsundere | Sweet tooth | stubborn | Honest | Blunt | Spoiled (sometimes) | bubbly | ambitious | kind | easily gets provoked | Scaredy cat | Crybaby | Loyal

Arisu is very blunt, and sometimes doesn't get she offenses someone. She can be spoiled and stubborn when she really wants something. She is all bubbly and smiles all the time, but when somebody compliments her she gets all shy and tsundere. Even if she seems all shy she is actually really nice and will help anybody in need of help. She gets easily provoked and is also a very big scaredy cat. At first she may seem very shy and doesn't talk to much but if you get close to her she will open her heart and will be very open with somebody.


Arisu lived in Japan and when she was 3 years old her family moved to England,London. Arisu is half Japanese and half American. She got her inner genes from her dad and outer genes from her mom. Since she was small she adored and loved her older brother, Ian. Everytime when Arisu would fall or cry her older brother would go and comfort her, giving a kiss on her forehead and give her candy. Arisu's 'ideal' man was someone as kind as her brother.

When Arisu was 4 years old her brother went to Hogwarts, Arisu was sad and devastated because she couldn't see her brother. She would lock herself in the room and cry. Her parents were worried for her so they told her that she can send him letters, so she started writing him tons of letters. Arisu wanting to go to the same school as her brother she decided to learn basic of magic. She asked her parents too help her learn more about it.

When Arisu was 7 she was so happy that she could go to Hogwarts thogethere with her brother. Her dad helped her to buy books,uniform and her wand. Arisu's eyes glowed when she got her wand.

In school she excelled in potion class,which was her favourite school subject, but sometimes she does make a mistake which leads to failure and problems.

When Arisu was 13 she wanted her hair to be a little bit darker, but her hair stylist horribly mistook the color and now she has blue hair which she was actually very fond of.

As she has grown older her dear brother started ignoring her for some unknown reason which made Arisu really unhappy


- Yuki Ashworth-Mother (American) (pure blood)
 - Aaron Ashworth-Father (Japanese) (pure blood)
  - Ian Ashworth- Older brother (Japanese-American) (pure blood)

Jody Bech : I first met her in the school hall. She fell down so I wanted to help her.She is really nice and cheerful. She was the first friend I ever made. We did have awkwardness but we get along with each other. I like to tease her very much, but I often say 'sorry' to her

Jennifer Adelaide Simms I prefer to call her Jenny. I met her in the school hall. We bumped into each other. She is a important friend, she usually acts more mature than me so I feel helpless around her. I brought her much trouble, I promised her that I would protect her all the time. I love to hug her and snuggle with her~

Tristan Prescott : I met him in the hufflepuff common room, he was taking a nap so out of curiosity I started playing with his hair. I thought it was nice and silky. My hearts goes 'doki doki' when I'm around him...What is this feeling?

Sai Valentine : We first met in front of her room, she was doing something really loud yet it bothered me. I haven't talked with her much but I think she is a very nice person

Kaelum Sandler : I met him at the same time I met Jody. I find him very scary yet I love to tease him. I can talk casually to him, but sometimes I get scared of him. I find Kaelum very shy when it's about love

Annie Bastet : I first met her when I was running away from my senpai, I pulled her to run with me with no reason. I find her really cool and amazing. She gave me a cat named 'Henry' who was injured. She is a important friend.

Alice Josephine Barry : I met her just once. We share the same name so it's confusing. She seems like a very fun person~

Elise Dremore : I accidentally drenched her. She seems a little bit cold hearted, I decided to follow her to apologize properly

Neilina Rattary : She saw me laying on the grass, singing and looking at the clouds and their different shapes. She offered me candy and praised my singing. She was the first one too say that I wasn't stupid O u O. I really like her and for some reason I wasn't really shy when I first met her. I hope we could get even closer ///v\\\

Interests & Dislikes:           + Singing
                                           + Cute stuff
                                           + Food
                                           + Plushie
                                           + Hair accessories
                                           + Friends
                                           + Family
                                           + Animals
                                           + Looking at the clouds

                                            -  Rude people
                                            -  Spicy food
                                            - Scary things
                                            - Ghosts

Elective Classes:        -Care of Magical Creatures


Extra Curricular:          -Music

Spells: -Deprimo: A very powerful wind that can loosen and/or soften a variety of things; it can also be used to detach objects.

            -Finite Incantatem: Negates many spells or the effects of many spells.

            -Lumos: Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tip.

            -Aguamenti: Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand.

            -Rennervate: Brings someone out of unconsciousness.

Wand ingredients:

Core: Unicorn tail hair
Length: 12in
Wood: Vine wood
Flexibility: Solid

Extra: -Arisu is very afraid of anything spooky and scary
          - Arisu sings beautifully
          - She loves her brother the most
          - She is scared of incests
          - Has a addiction for plushies
          - Arisu had blonde hair like her mom, she wanted to color it into a darker color but her hair stylist got the wrong color and now Arisu has blue hair
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xMini-Momo Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my goodness she is a cutie pie~ eue more Hufflepufffs yessss~<3
Thank youu OuO Sai is also a cutie pie >////< can't stop looking at her OwO
xMini-Momo Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awwww~ Arisu is also very cute~ <33
It's a cute design, but how does she have blue hair? :?

Also, I noticed her history seems a bit cliche, and she doesn't seem to be affected by the abuse. What is the point of the abuse if it didn't seem to affect her?
She dyed her hair^^ Read the extra,I forgot to add it ;A; hahaha
Arisu's affection of the abuse gave her the personality: scaredy cat but also brave at sometimes because she thought if she stands to someone up they wouldn't 'poke' or 'abuse' her~ it also created a stronger bond in their family, because her father wanted to protect her :3
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